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Original Turtle Trader Russell Sands Delivers Nightly Signals for Trading the Turtle Trading Concepts

  The eHotline is a nightly email that contains a summary of the Turtle Systems daily performance and most importantly the entry and exit stops for open trades and entry prices for new trades based on the Turtle Trading Methodology

We do the work for you in the 43 markets we trade!

As we have clients that trade the entire spectrum of portfolio sizes, the nightly orders are generated based on a $1,000,000 model account size, automatically and mechanically done for you with our well known and popularly used TradeStation software program.

Depending on your account size you simply have to adjust the markets you trade and how many contracts to trade in those markets according to the Turtle Trading Concepts Russell has taught you. The entry signals and exits will be the same no matter the number of contracts you actually trade.

With the Turtle Trading eHotline you get:

  1. A summary of the current positions of the 43 markets we trade according to the Turtle Trading System
  2. The exit stops for all open positions
  3. New entry orders for all flat positions (both buy and sell) and reversal entry orders for our open positions
  4. Portfolio recommendations for various account sizes
  5. These orders emailed to you nightly in a convenient PDF format
  6. Occasional "special" exclusive discretionary trading recommendations that are personally chosen by Russell.
  7. Access to Russell for Trading questions regarding the Turtle System
  8. Exclusive members only pricing on Russell's Products
  9. Special products ONLY available to eHotline subscribers!

Futures trading involves substantial risk, and is not suitable for all investors.